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We love sharing our knowledge of tax, accounting and personal finance. Check out some of the articles that Josh Zimmelman has been quoted in.

Student Loan Hero

Don’t Get Audited: How to Claim the Home Office Tax Deduction Correctly


Get richer this tax season: 10 easy ways millennials can maximize refunds and avoid costly mistakes


What Will Get You Audited by the IRS on 2016 Taxes

Finger Check

Tips on When to Hire a Professional to Do Your Taxes

Card Ratings

Are your credit card rewards taxable?

Student Loan Hero

4 Serious Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Lie on Your Taxes

USA Today

Trim your tax burden by deducting phone, Internet bills

Go Banking Rates

6 Reasons Why Your Refund Will Be Late This Year

Go Banking Rates

9 Tips for Dealing With a Delinquent Tax Return


33 Fun Tax Facts!

Huffington Post

IRS Tax Audits Reach a New Low, But Is Your Money Really Safe?

Student Loan Hero

IRS Tax Audits Reach a New Low, But Is Your Money Really Safe?

US News

5 Tips for Filing Taxes Overseas

Market Watch

Tempted to lie on your taxes? Here are 4 reasons you shouldn’t

US News

How to Deduct MBA Tuition on Your Taxes

Go Banking Rates

Secrets on Your Tax Forms That Could Ruin You

Christian Science Monitor

Should you do your own taxes? These 4 questions will help you decide.

Go Banking Rates

29 Biggest Tax Problems for Married Couples


Experts: These deductions, actions can trigger a tax audit

Readers Digest

Everything You Need to Know Before Filing Your Taxes After a Big Life Change

Quicken Loans

Tax Deductions First-Time Home Buyers Need to Know About

USA Today

4 serious reasons why you shouldn’t lie on your taxes

Market Watch

5 things you need to know about child care and taxes


Best Ways To Get A Jump On Your 2017 Income Taxes

Mass Mutual

Retirement: Helping Your Parents, Preserving Your Own


How Becoming an LLC Could Save Taxes Under Trump

Student Loan Hero

Are Student Loans Considered Taxable Income?


11 Ways Middle-Class Families Can Prepare for Trump's Tax Plan

Super Money

11 Facts You Should Know About the Federal Estate Tax


15 Ways to Increase Your Income


What does it take to be a millionaire? Four ways to get started

Wall Street Journal

A Different Kind of Volunteer Work


Borrowing from your 401(k) makes sense — sometimes


How to use NY’s $20G exemption for retirement income

Dreaming of Baby

What You Need To Know About Tax and Parenthood


Open enrollment: A cheaper plan isn't always the best choice

Merchant Maverick

Manage Your Small Business Finances With These Expert Tips

Fit Small Business

How To Save Money Fast – 32 Tips From Finance & Business Experts

Huffington Post

The Wackiest Things Small Business Owners Try to Deduct

Wall Street Journal

Easing the Pain of Doing Your Taxes


There is still time to open your IRA: Know the rules

Christian Science Monitor

Do you know about these 4 tax deductions?


Childcare and Taxes: Five Things You Should Know

BrightPeak Financial

6 Keys to Talking About Money (Without Arguing)

11 tax season tips for homeowners

Credit Karma

The tax implications of alimony payments

Massage Magazine

The Top 9 Tax Tips for Massage Therapists

Deal News

4 Tax Deductions You Had No Idea Existed

Moved in 2016? Make the Most of Your Moving Expenses Tax Deduction


7 Things That Most People Pretend To Understand (But Don't Really Get)


The New Poor: The Truth About Millennial Spending

The PennyHoarder

12 Types of Income You Must Pay Taxes on -- and 5 the IRS Can't Touch

Insurance Quotes

Trump Didn't Kill the Obamacare Penalty. Where Does That Leave the Uninsured?


Lesser-known Ways to Lower Your Tax Bill

DreamFearlessly: American Family Insurance

What You Need To Know About Deducting Charitable Donations


Why You Should Keep Business & Personal Expenses Separate

The PennyHoarder

Avoiding Your Quarterly Estimated Taxes? Here's How It Could Cost You


Everything You Need To Know To Unfuck Your Taxes

7 Reasons Freelancers Need a Separate Credit Card for Business Expenses

Credit Karma

Tax Tips for Homeowners

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